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Make ONE Call to Robby's Septic Plumber For Both Your Septic System AND Plumbing Needs

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We handle your plumbing and septic system issues. Call Robby’s Septic Plumber for a Plumbing and Septic System Evaluation.

Very Important, Please Read:

We will:

  • Unstop plumbing clogs in your home
  • Unclog pipes from your home to the septic tank
  • Check to see if the inlet pipe inside the septic tank is clogged with grease or roots
  • Check for buildup of toilet paper, grease, solids and sludge to see if your tank may or may not need to be pumped.
  • Check to see if the septic tank filter is clogged and causing backup
  • Check the drain field to see if it is draining correctly or clogging due to sludge or roots

Pumping the septic tank may or may not always solve your problem with overflowing toilets or clogged plumbing lines in your home.

Call Robby's Septic Plumber and get an expert evaluation of your Septic AND Plumbing at the same time.

With over 53 years of experience, we are one of the few septic tank companies in Central Florida with the knowledge and expertise to find the cause of clogs in your plumbing lines and septic system.

We also pump and clean septic tanks, grease traps, lift stations, and replace sump pumps.

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Robby's Septic Company

Since 1984 Robby’s Septic Tank Service has been servicing Lakeland, FL and the surrounding communities. Robby’s septic provides septic repair, septic installation, and septic pumping services, along with Drain Field installation, repair, and plumbing services. Robby’s Septic Tank Service is a full service company that can complete any septic job big or small.

Our experts have decades of experience with septic tank service, drain cleaning, new septic system (including drain fields) installations, pipe repair, excavation, filters, and much, much more.

(863) 858-6293

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Plumbing Lakeland FL

Service Call

Sometimes septic system issues are actually plumbing problems. Most septic companies refer out to a plumber, but our licensed septic plumber on staff, Robby’s Septic Service can repair any issue you have.

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Septic Repair Lakeland FL

Septic Pumping & Cleaning

A septic tank in need of service is not a pleasant experience. Sewage in your yard,toilets that won’t flush, slow drains and other plumbing problems are signs you need septic pumping. The Septic Experts at Robby’s can help.

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Terralift Lakeland FL

Terralift Machine
Revitalizes Drainfield

The TerraLift System is an alternative to costly and destructive drain field replacement. With a pneumatic hammer, the TerraLift forces air into the drain field to fracture soil and revitalize the filtering and draining.

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Drainfield Install and Repairs Lakeland FL

Drainfield Troubleshooting & Repair

Drain Fields accept effluent from the septic tank and it receives additional treatment as it drains through the soil. When a drain field’s ability to absorb and filter effluent fails, the drain field can become waterlogged causing sewage backup.

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What Makes Robby’s Septic Different?

Robby's Septic Tank Service, Inc. has over 53 years of experience, and also has a Septic Plumber. It is quite common to have other plumbing related issues come up when working on a septic tank. Most other septic companies have to out-source or refer their plumbing jobs to a plumbing company. Every job is personally supervised by Robby, you can rest assured the job is going to be done right the first time! Let’s face it, when you are dealing with septic system repairs, you don’t want to find out later the contractor didn't have enough experience and expertise.

(863) 858-6293

Owner On Site

Robby overseas every single septic and plumbing job performed by Robby’s Septic Service employees.

In-House Septic Plumber

Robby, our Septic Plumber has decades of septic plumbing experience. We handle it all in house!


  • Licensed Master Septic Tank Contractor
  • Florida Certified Women Owned Business

Customer Reviews

“Robby's crew showed up on a Monday morning after we discovered some backup signs in our shower. It was great to get prioritized quickly. They took care of it and explained every step in the process (I'd recently purchased this home, having never had a septic system before). Will be using them every 1.5-2 years for my regular septic tank emptying.”

Client D.

“We called late Friday night with septic backing up in both bathrooms, they said they would be here Sat at noon and 1150 they were ringing the bell. The pipe leading from the house to the septic tank was clogged, they un stopped it and made sure everything was working before they left. We called several companies they were the only ones to respond and left us very happy. They will be our only call for any other septic or plumbing problems.”

Jan T.

“Came out, had a look around, said we’d need the TerraLift machine and it wouldn’t be too expensive. After checking out the distribution box, finding it packed full, emptying it, terralifting the yard.... we are back in business! No more gurgling drains and toilets, and no more laundromats!!! Will recommend Robby’s to everyone!”

Vicki D.

“20 years ago I had some septic issues and the prices I got were scary. A neighbor recommended I call Robby and I'm glad I did, saved a lot of money. 20 years later and I had another problem, in about 3 hours Robby and his very polite and respectful Ex-Marine employee had us going again. Thanks to Robby educating me years ago on how to maintain my septic system our 38 year old house has the original drain field with full flow. Honest, Common sense work, He gets the job done.”

Burt C.

“These people are great and HONEST. They serviced our septic tank about a year or so ago, but we started to have a flushing problem. When I called to have them come out and empty the tank again, Beverly said I should check the filter first to avoid an unnecessary service call. She was right and saved us $350. They are the ONLY septic tank service I use.”

Rick B.

“Robby came out on Thanksgiving morning and he was awesome! He was professional, friendly and educated us along the way on how to take better care of our system. I would recommend Robby's Septic to anyone and we will definitely be calling on him again. Thanks Robby! We appreciate everything you did this morning!!”

Patricia W.

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