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Sewer Repair

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If you’ve noticed that your drainage system has started to slow down and your toilets gurgle whenever you flush them, it’s probably time to call us at Robby’s Septic Tank Service for sewer repair. There are several reasons why problems with your home’s sewer system may start to develop over time. These include:

  • Tree roots seeking moisture have started to infiltrate your sewer line and grow within it.
  • Objects from your household have made their way into your sewer line and gotten stuck.
  • Extreme changes in the weather in Lakeland, Florida have caused your sewer system to deteriorate.
  • The ground beneath your home has shifted, leading to a misaligned sewer pipe.

Regardless of the cause of your sewer problem, it’s best to get it taken care of as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. When you turn to us for sewer repair in Lakeland, Florida, we’re confident that we will be able to identify the cause of your sewer problem on the first try, so it doesn’t get any worse. We can do this because we have decades of experience working in the industry.

There are several different methods we can use to fix problems that you’ve run into with your sewer, and each is associated with different advantages and disadvantages. Before we get to work performing sewer repair, we’ll discuss these with you and formulate the right approach to get the issue taken care of.

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