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Septic Tank Filter Services

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The most common reason for failure of septic systems is excessive solids leaving the septic tank which then causes clogging of drain fields. With a septic tank filter installed in your tank, solids are kept in the tank so they can be further broken down, kept out of your drain field and pumped out on a regular basis.

Septic Tank Filters are a vital part of a modern septic system!

Filters have long been used in air conditioners, swimming pools and automobile engines. Everyone can relate to how dirty the air conditioner filter in your home can get in just a few months. The same idea has been applied to septic tanks and filters are now required on new installations.

Filters are not currently required on repairs however we always include the installation of a filter on our repair work since we know how vital a filter is to the system. When we install a filter, we also install a riser on the septic tank so you can access it for cleaning on a regular basis.

If you have an older septic tank system we advise that you have a filter and riser installed to prevent you from having to make costly repairs to your drain field in the future.

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