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Septic Tank Inspection Services

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Green Swamp

If your home is located in the Green Swamp you are required to have your tank inspected every 5 years. You will receive a letter from the Department of Health informing you that it is time for this inspection. We will perform the inspection and provide you with the paperwork you need to submit to the health department.

Real Estate

We strongly recommend if you are purchasing a home with a septic tank system that you contact us to inspect the system. We have had many homeowners call us just weeks or months after moving into their new home with plumbing emergencies. Upon checking the system we find that it has failed and must be replaced, costing the homeowner thousands of dollars. This could have been avoided if they had only called us to inspect the system prior to purchasing the home. If problems are found, the cost of the repair can be taken out of the proceeds at closing.


If you are moving in a new mobile home, remodeling or adding onto your home you will be required to have your existing system inspected. The purpose of this is to ensure that your current system is operating correctly and is the proper size to handle the changes.

What’s involved in a Septic Tank Inspection?

We pump your septic tank out then check to see that it is structurally sound with no holes or cracks, has a bottom and the lid fits properly. Depending on the type of inspection, we will check to see that the drain field is working correctly and determine the square footage and depth of the drain field. If repairs are called for…

If we find that your system is in need of repair, we will explain your options. If you decide to proceed with the repairs we can take care of the permitting process and then upon receipt of the permit from the Health Department will give you a cost.