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Septic Tank Grease Traps

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Kitchen and bath waste flows into the septic system where solids (sludge) and liquids (effluent) separate. Grease and oil rises to the top and turns into scum.

This layer of scum can clog sewage pipes, causing blocks and damage.

A septic grease trap can remove 50 percent of scum before it enters your sewage system.

What is a Grease Trap?

A septic grease trap is situated between the drains and the sewage treatment pipes. Besides trapping scum made of kitchen grease and cooking oils, it traps scum from bath products such as soap and creams. A grease trap should be large enough to handle the projected amount of scum and should be pumped out regularly to avoid problems.

No Grease Trap?

Never dispose of kitchen grease and cooking oils down drains. Collect and dispose of it in the garbage. Try reducing the use of bath oils and lotions and never dump petroleum-based products down sinks or toilets.