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Hydro Jetting

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Hydro-jetting is a safe and efficient way to clear clogged sewer lines and in many cases can be a less expensive alternative to sewer line repair or replacement. The process of hydro-jetting works by inserting a high pressure hose and nozzle into the drain line and then high pressure water (up to 4000 psi), is produced through the nozzles, clearing away debris, hard minerals and solid build-up.

The key component to the hydro-jetting system is the nozzle itself. A typical nozzle has a powerful forward water jet(s) which cut through debris and tree roots along with rear facing jets that propel the nozzle down the pipe while cleaning the pipe surface of grease, and sludge. In most cases a fiber-optic camera will be inserted into the pipe before any hydro-jetting is performed to pinpoint the clog and areas of build-up. The camera will also be inserted into the pipe after the hydro-jetting is complete to show the clear and clean line.

One of the biggest advantages to using hydro-jetting vs. mechanical snakes and blades is that hydro-jetting does not inflict damage to the pipe itself!

Like many sewer system cleaning and repair options, hydro-jetting may not be suited for all sewer line clogs or cleaning. If you have a slow moving drain or a clogged sewer line, give Robby’s Septic a call today to see if hydro-jetting is right for you!

Hydro-jetting is safe!

Because hydro-jetting uses only high pressure water to clear debris you will have the peace of mind in knowing that no harmful chemicals are being released into surrounding soil or your septic system! Hydro-jetting is also safer for your sewer and septic system. With mechanical snaking, metal blades can cause damage to your existing drain lines decreasing the life of those lines. But with hydro-jetting you may actually be able to increase the life of your drain lines and decrease the frequency in which they may need to be cleaned!

If you have a clogged or slow drain, Call Robby’s today!

If your drains are slow or you have a blocked sewer line, give Robby’s Septic a call today and see if hydro-jetting is right for you!