Drain Field Repairs

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Drain Field Repairs

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There are many things that can alter the life span of a drain field, so its life expectancy can vary widely. The installation type, soil conditions, frequency of maintenance and care taken all dictate how long you can expect your drain field to last. When the team at Robby’s Septic Tank Service performs your first septic system inspection, we will let you know what type of system you have, its likely age, and the condition. During each pump out of your septic tank, we will inspect your drain field to see that it is operating correctly. If it needs drain field repair you can count on Robby’s to get it done right!

Other septic companies often do not include this type of thorough inspection as part of their regular maintenance, and thus you’ll be charged for an additional trip when it backs up or fails. By conducting the inspection, it is our goal to discover problems with your system when drain field repair is still a viable solution instead of waiting until your system is in total failure and has to be replaced. We also take the time to discuss any steps you could be taking to prolong the life of your septic system and avoid costly drain field repair.

Alternatives to Drain Field Repair

We pride ourselves on staying on top of the newest technologies in septic systems. A recent development allows us to salvage drain fields through drain field revitalization that would otherwise need to be replaced. The Terralift machine uses a pneumatic hammer to drive a 4’ probe into the soil beside the existing drain field and then releases compressed air, which fractures the soil and allows the drain field to work again.

If you would like to know more about Terralift and other drain field repair options, give us a call today. Don’t wait until your problems get worse and the cost gets higher.

If your drain field is no longer working, we offer alternatives to having a new drain field installed. Sometimes the failure can be due to a collapsed distribution box or the first few feet of your existing drain field can be clogged or root bound. These options are less costly than installing a new drain field.

A permit from the Department of Health is required to repair any part of the drain field. We will pull the permit then upon receipt of the permit explain the repair process and cost.

Our goal in drain field repair is to find out the cause of your problem and determine the most cost effective method that will give you a long time solution.