Drain Field Installation

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Drain Field Installation

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If you are having issues with your drain field call us first. There is a good chance that, using our Terralift System, we can repair your drain field when other septic companies could not. The best part is that if your drain field can be repaired with the Terralift system, you will avoid an unnecessary drain field installation job that involves digging up your entire yard and takes many days. You will get the job done quickly (usually in 1 day) and you will save a lot of money.

However, sometimes even our best efforts at drain field repair are just not going to resolve the problem. When all else fails and your drain field cannot be revitalized, we offer drain field installation services.

Drain Field Installation Process

When you are having drain field issues, we first conduct an inspection and then give you our expert advice on whether repairs would extend the life span enough to warrant the intermediate expense or whether you’d be best served with new drain field installation. It is our job to give you the information to make an educated decision about whether to proceed with installing a new drain field.

Drain Field Permits

We take care of every step of drain field installation – including pulling the necessary drain field permits. Before we get started, we will discuss all your options with you, including the types of systems, the size needed, and the shape desired. If your existing drain field was not adequate for your family size, we will advise you accordingly. We will not proceed until you fully understand the scope of the project and have approved all plans.

It is our goal to make your drain field installation as stress-free as possible and minimize the time that you will be inconvenienced. Our owner is present on every job and oversees the work to make sure your project goes smoothly. A well-designed and installed septic system can last from 20 to 50 years, so it is our job to make sure this is the last drain field installation you will ever need. Call us today to arrange a consultation or inspection of your septic system.

Whether your installation is below ground or a mound system, we use quality materials as well as superior workmanship to ensure that your new drain field will handle the water flow for which it was designed.