Terralift Benefits

The Terralift gives new life for your septic system in one day without disturbing your lawn or landscaping!

  • Unclogs your septic system without disturbing your lawn – no excavation required!
  • Performs faster, cleaner and easier than traditional methods. The work can be done even if the field is wet and you can use your plumbing almost immediately.
  • Reduces your cost, and gives new live to your drain field by reestablishing the percolation.
  • Terralift does not use chemicals, and it will not pollute your property.
  • Ideal for use in other areas where any kind of standing water is a problem, such as athletic fields.

Terralift works by penetrating and fracturing the soil, forcing air into the soil, and creating an optimal, aerobic condition.

man operating a terralift machinedirt being blow by terralift machine

The Terralift in Action!

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