septic root destroyer

Opens up root clogged lines with ease, no mess, no tools, no digging.  And it’s harmless to trees and shrubs!

R-D is amazingly easy to apply.  Pour it directly from the container through the toilet bowl or into the sewage line.  No mixing, no stirring, and no preparation needed.

R-D is guaranteed to clear and prevent root blocked sewer lines when used as directed.  It eliminates overflow damage, back-up odors, breakdown of pipes, pump problems, premature of sewage and other troubles due to root penetration.

Features of Root Destroyer:

  • Concentrated chemical product specifically formulated to clear and prevent root-blocked sewer lines.
  • Non-caustic, non-acid, copper sulfate based herbicide – harmless to skin or clothing. Safe to use in lines leading to septic tanks, cesspools and dry wells when used as instructed.
  • Will not harm trees, shrubs, or other vegetation.
  • Contains large crystals of copper sulfate which dissolve slowly, increasing contact time with roots to ensure more complete removal.

R-D is a proven product with decades of field testing via large municipality use and thousands of satisfied users.