Modern Appliances’ Effect on the Septic Tank System

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Septic Tank System

Understanding your Septic Tank System

The Septic Tank System is a crucial part of a household and the best solution to discard waste water and gunk if you don’t live in an area that has sewer service.   Problems with the septic tank system can arise, and if not dealt with properly, they can lead to damage to your septic tank sysytem that can cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

The septic tank system has two main parts – the septic tank and the drain field.   After you have used any water in your house, the water (and waste that has been flushed) will flow to your septic tank.  This waste water will sit in your septic tank for at least 1 day.  If there are any solids in the waste water, it will settle in the bottom of your septic tank and form a layer of sludge there.

If the sludge on the bottom of your septic tank is not pumped (something a lot of companies offering “cheap septic tank pumping” often don’t pump out), it can cost you in the long run as cutting corners in the septic tank cleaning company business will eventually result in more costly septic tank repairs, and possible the replacement of your entire septic tank system.

Scum Layer

In all septic tank systems, there is a “scum layer”.  This layer of scum is caused by light solids and grease that is flushed down the drain or toilet.  Bacteria is added to the septic tank to help break down both the septic scum and septic sludge. This bacteria helps in breaking down these layers, but it does not get rid of either in their entirety.  Over time, as these layers accumulate, your septic tank will need to be pumped out.

The waste water itself (excluding solids and / or grease), forms a middle layer.  This water is pushed out of the septic tank, when new water enters, into the drain field.  If too much water is flushed into the septic tank in a short period of time, the waste water will flow out the tank before it has had time to separate, THIS IS NOT GOOD!

Two common reasons that water would be pushed out of the tank before it has a chance to separate into layers are:

  1. If there is more water usage than usual
  2. The septic tank system is too small for the size of the household (this sometimes happens when additions are built onto a house).

When a septic tank malfunctions, it can sometimes be blamed on household appliances.  Some modern day appliance can put an extra burden on a septic tank system.

Modern Appliances And The Septic Tank System

Hot Tubs

As people have started investing in hot tubs for relaxation in their home, damages to septic tank systems have been on the rise.  This because if you connect a hot tub to the waste water system, it can (A) Force too much water into the septic system at once, causing existing water to be pushed into the drain field prior to the solids separating and sinking to the bottom, and (B) Kill the bacteria in your septic tank that helps break down the solids.  This is because of the amount of chlorine in the hot tub. (Source)

It is crucial that you ensure that the water from your hot tub drains into a location that is not either your drain field itself (as it can become saturated) or the septic tank system.

If you do drain hot tub water into your septic tank system, it can cause damage to the drain field that will need to be repaired immediately!

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are very convenient, but if your house has a septic tank system, you should consider reducing your use of it.  This is because regular use of a garbage disposal can increase the solid waste in your septic tank by as much as 50%!

Decreasing the amount of solid waste in your septic tank will allow the bacteria to work more effectively.  This will reduce the time in between septic tank pump outs, and will make your septic tank system last a lot longer.  This of course means less maintenance cost for your septic system.

Water Softeners

Water softeners put an undue burden on your septic system by adding a lot of water to your septic tank.  This can cause the solid waste in the tank to not have enough time to settle to the bottom (or decompose).  This can lead to solids being pumped into your drain field – something you definitely don’t want to happen.  Water softeners remove a lot of additives to water, including any salt.  If this salt builds up in the tank, it can affect the breakdown of the other solids in the tank.

If you are having any septic tank system issues, you should consult a reputable septic tank professional like Robbys Septic Tank Service in Lakeland, Florida.  We are a highly recommend septic tank company and we never cut corners.  Your septic system will thank you!

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Cheap Septic Tank Pumping Might Be A Costly Mistake

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Cheap Septic Tank Pumping

It is natural to want to get a good deal on septic tank cleaning, but it is important to avoid cheap septic tank pumping as it will cost you a lot more money down the road.  Companies who offer cheap septic tank pumping are often just pumping the surface water, and not the sludge that builds up in the bottom of your septic tank.  This is actually illegal.  Often times, they are not in business when you try to follow up.  It is important to avoid cheap septic tank pumping at all costs.

In recent times, the amount of waste being discharged from households has gone up, and people need their septic tank cleaning done more frequently.  How this huge amount of waste gets disposed has a huge bearing on our environment. It also has the potential of affecting the health of the neighborhood if not properly disposed of. In many cities and locations, there are sewage disposal and treatment systems that take care of the household waste, however this  is not  possible for every house.

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3 Commonly Misdiagnosed Septic System Problems

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Septic System Problems

There are some very serious signs of septic system problems that may go unnoticed by a lot of homeowners. For instance, the water near the drain-field or the stored water around the tank may be overlooked or even misidentified as the runoff or the result of a recent rainfall; backups and even slow draining of the water can sometimes be mistaken for an interior plumbing problem rather than an overflowing septic tank system.

The correct identification of a septic system issues, can help homeowners to avoid the expense of the overall replacement and even the added regulatory requirements of a brand new installation.
Here are a few of the most commonly misdiagnosed issues of septic systems and some helpful hints on how to prevent them before they turn into major problems with various consequences for health and even for household budgets.

Misdiagnosed Septic System Problems:

  • Overflowing Septic Tank
    • One of the most common problem that arises in a septic tank is when the septic distribution box is damaged or even clogged, preventing the flow of the water from the septic tank straight into the drain-field. Fortunately, this one is also one of the easiest trouble to remedy. All the broken pipes can be replaced or even mended and clogs can also be dislodged in order to allow proper function of the system of the septic tank. If the water is backing up by any chance from the septic tank or it is collecting around the tank or even in the distribution box area, there are chances that it is a broken or there it’s a blocked pipe leading to or from the distribution box. In most cases, a qualified plumber can fix this problem instantly and easily before it becomes a very serious issue even for the household septic tank system.
  • Inefficient Or Insufficient Bacteria
    • Some septic tank issues are usually caused by the use of extremely harsh chemicals in the home and commercial establishments that kill the anaerobic bacteria that naturally lives inside the septic tank. In some cases, most of the problem lies with the dirty bacteria. These beneficial bacterial organisms break down the particulate materials and also the impurities in the household waste water, allowing it to pass straight through the septic distribution box and also into the drain-field for filtering. However, anaerobic bacteria are relatively inefficient and will not always keep up with a quantity of the waste water which is then delivered to the septic tank. In many of the cases, installing a very high-quality septic aerator can result in boosting up the efficiency of a bacterial decomposition and also help to reduce the need for frequent pumping of the septic tank. This can also prevent unpleasant backups and various overflows from the septic tank straight to the yard or even worse yet, inside the house.
  • Flooded Drain-field
    • If only one of the area of drain field is flooded, the problem is very likely to lie within the septic distribution box. Blockages and even broken pipes can create all sort of problems. Repairing or even replacing the distribution box can provide a relatively low-cost solution for this kind of annoying septic system issue.

By understanding and also addressing the early warning signs of the failure of septic system, the homeowners will be able to protect themselves against the high cost of the septic tank replacement. This way they can save money and also fulfill the goal of protecting the health of family members.

These are some of the most commonly misdiagnosed septic system problems that a lot of people miss out on during their periodical inspection of the septic tank. One of the most common reasons for a chock in the drainage pipe is mostly due to tons of disposal of toilet paper in the water closet. To avoid all this frustration and irritation of the drainage pipe getting clogged, it’s important to get it pumped out on a regular basis. Over time, the distribution box can erode, and will need to be replaced. If you wish to attain septic distribution box repairs, choose the best company in the market.