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Septic Tank Bacteria Services

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Septic tanks must have bacteria to work correctly. Unfortunately many septic tanks do not contain enough bacteria to work properly. We use products every day that kill the naturally occurring bacteria in our septic tank. Almost every product we use has “anti-bacterial” on it, not to mention bleach and other chemicals. Most homeowners are finding it necessary to replenish the bacteria in their septic tank.

Bacteria is introduced into your system by simply pouring it down the kitchen or bathroom sink or flushing it down the toilet. This helps maintain the correct biological balance in your septic tank. Adding bacteria is completely safe, it is non-toxic, non-pathaogenic and will not harm people, animals, marine or plant life, or groundwater. You should add 1 gallon of bacteria to your septic tank every 4 to 6 months.

We recommend that you purchase a “live” bacteria from a septic tank contractor. We recommend BioOne septic tank bacteria. The additives that you find in local supermarkets and home supply stores will not give you the same result as adding a “live” bacteria.