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Fully licensed master plumber on staff!

We NEVER have to refer out to a plumber!

FREE Live Bacteria for your Septic Tank!

Book your septic job (pumping, repair, or cleaning) through us and receive FREE Live Bacteria!

Septic Services

Septic Services

Stop septic problems now

A septic tank in need of service is not a pleasant experience. Sewage your yard,toilets that won’t flush, slow drains and other plumbing problems are signs you need septic pumping. The Septic Experts at Robby’s can help.

Terralift Machine

Terralift Machine

Avoid Replacing a Drain Field

The TerraLift System is an alternative to costly and destructive drain field replacement. With a pneumatic hammer, the TerraLift forces air into the drain field to fracture soil and revitalize the filtering and draining.

Drain Fields

Drain Fields

Repair or Replace Drain Field

Drain Fields accept effluent from the septic tank and seeps it into the ground via filter pads. When a drain field’s ability to absorb and filter effluent fails, the drain field can become waterlogged and you can experience sewage backup.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

Master Plumber on Staff

Sometimes septic system repairs end up being plumbing problems. Most septic companies would have to refer out to a plumber, but with a licensed master plumber on staff, Robby’s Septic Service can repair any issue you have.

Robby’s Septic Company

Based in Lakeland, FL, Robby’s Septic Tank Service provides septic repair, septic installation, and septic pumping within a 100 miles radius.  What sets Robby’s apart from the rest is the fact that Robby is a also a licensed master plumber with 42 years experience.  Most other septic companies will end up referring you out to a plumber for certain issues with your septic system, but at Robby’s – we can do it all!  We are experts at all things septic.  Drain Fields, Permitting, Installation, and Repair.  Give us a call today – you won’t regret it.

Our experts have decades of experience with septic tank service, drain cleaning, new system installations, pipe repair, and much, much more. We’re a locally owned and operated business since 1984. This allows us to forge long-lasting relationships with each customer.  Robby’s Septic Tank & Plumbing Service looks forward to helping you with your septic issues.

Call Robby’s Septic Tank Company today and see why we are Florida’s best!

Why you should choose Robby’s

Drain Fields

Owner On Site

Robby overseas every single septic and plumbing job performed by Robby’s Septic Service employees or licensed contractors.

In House Master Plumber

Robby is also a master plumber with 42 years experience. Most septic companies have to refer out to plumbers.  We handle it all in house!


Licensed Master Plumber

Licenses Master Septic Tank Contractor

Florida Certified Women Owned Business